Member Services

NAPM offers many different member services -- and we are constantly looking for new ways to help our members' businesses succeed.  Here are just some of our current member services and our focus areas: 

Networking. In today’s hectic business environment, relationships are key. NAPM provides a variety of networking opportunities for its members to  connect, collaborate, and share information and solutions to their business problems. Our members regularly ask questions and get real world  experience and advice from other experts in the industry. Our strong alliance provides a diverse and insightful variety of members. 

  • NAPM conducts various types of member meetings throughout the year to encourage more networking, informational, and educational interactions. We hold an Annual Conference where many of our members attend to receive the annual NAPM business report, hear Postal and Industry featured speakers discussing the latest in the industry, and attend educational sessions for improving their businesses. We conduct Regular member meetings by webinar featuring USPS speakers presenting on topics key to our members' business, Industry speakers on the latest industry trends or best practices, "How To" webinars, or open forums to discuss our members' concerns or issues. 
  • Because NAPM has a national network of members, most of which are not geographically competitive with one another, our members often share their experiences, best practices, and tips with members in different locations.   Our "Table Topics" networking session at our Annual Conference, where members move from one table and topic to another, is rated as one of the best features of the event because it allows for free exchange of ideas and experiences between members.
  • NAPM also holds regular webinars for members where vendor members can share information on their latest products/solutions to address common issues being faced by Mail Service Providers and others using mail or parcels.  NAPM strongly encourages its MSP members (and non-members) to only utilize vendors who are also members of the association.
  • NAPM's online membership community (members can access by logging in to the website) will offer members yet another way to exchange information, messages, and join specific discussion groups on topics of interest.  Stay tuned for more information!
  • When all else fails or a member needs HELP right away and can't wait for the next NAPM event, our online search tool allows members to reach out and connect with other members by email or phone. 

Advocacy. Together our voice is stronger, and NAPM is recognized by USPS decision makers, the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) and other key industry and postal organizations and stakeholders. We advocate for our members' interests at the USPS, at the PRC, and with others. We advance industry positions that help shape decisions regarding pricing and workshare opportunities. 

Some of our advocacy efforts are broad in nature, such as our work on USPS pricing or rule changes; while other advocacy efforts are more narrow, related to specific aspects of our members' businesses.   Our members-only access to our online Information Center provides an overview of broad industry initiatives and their status, as well as updates on significant postal rule changes or industry issues that NAPM is working on.  Need to get the latest update on the PRC's 10-Year Review of the USPS' Rate System?  Or other recent proceedings before the PRC that NAPM has participated in? Or a recent significant rule change published by the USPS?  Check out the Information Center! 

Postal Solutions. Through our industry relationships and our knowledge of postal requirements and business processes, there is a broad spectrum of support to assist you with your business or postal issues. Whether you are a Mail Service Provider (MSP) processing mail or parcels for your customers, or you process your own mail in house, or you are a supplier/ service provider to the mailing industry, NAPM represents your interests and can help with postal solutions.

  • Through our Committees, our participation on the Postmaster General's Mailers Technical Advisory Committee (MTAC), our regular meetings with USPS headquarters program managers, and other activities, NAPM not only works closely with the USPS on development of new processes and programs, but can offer your business the opportunity to join in the discussions.  The first-hand experiences of our members with new programs and processes, as well as their ability to identify postal pain points that can be targeted for improvement is invaluable and we encourage all our members to engage with us.  Whatever your available time or commitment level, NAPM can bring your voice to the table.  
  • NAPM can provide assistance when members may be having a problem with mail acceptance, local application of national rules and processes, or postage assessment policies.  Members can also request assistance in clarifying a particular mailing standard in the Domestic Mail Manual (DMM). This service not only assists NAPM members with mailing questions or issues but also enables NAPM to identify trending issues so we can take appropriate action with the USPS and ensure all members have the necessary educational materials. NAPM has an online Contact Form that can be used to report issues, postal pain points, or request assistance from NAPM. Members can also contact our staff through telephone or email if immediate assistance is necessary. 

Member Support and Education. There are constant changes occurring as the mailing industry transitions into the 21ST Century. Changes are proposed, discussed, implemented or eliminated across many areas of the mailing industry and Postal Service. Everything from new market trends, to Legislative action, to US Postal Service network alignment and new business offerings keeps everyone inundated with information overload. 

NAPM keeps its members current with the latest information from the USPS, industry associations, federal agencies and Capitol Hill on initiatives and industry changes. We offer a variety of informational and educational forums and communication vehicles to help members understand and be positioned for changes to rules, processes and policy.

A few of our educational web pages are open to the public but most are only available to the members of NAPM. You will need to log on with your username and password to access members-only areas of this web site and online services. 

  • Our Recent News page keeps a running list for the past few months of news, announcements, and articles about changes in postal rules, programs, processes, and industry developments.  
  • Our newsletter provides in-depth information on activities the association is working on as well as significant industry and postal news.
  • Our new MTAC Report provides out members with news highlights from the most recent meeting of the Mailers Technical Advisory Committee (MTAC) -- get the latest news on new programs and processes being developed by the USPS and industry.
  • NAPM's Education Center provides members with information and resources on the programs they need to know the most about, such as Seamless Acceptance, and the new USPS Enterprise Payment System.  This information is updated to provide the latest news from the USPS as new programs are developed, as well as best practices and tips developed by NAPM's committees as they work with the USPS to streamline policies and procedures.

If there are other membership benefits or services that your business is interested in, contact us and we will be glad to discuss your ideas with our Membership Committee!