Saving Postage

There are a variety of ways to obtain postage savings depending on the type of mail you are using and the mailing services you need. Mailers can obtain postage discounts if they are mailing in bulk volumes, are able to do some presorting and containerizing of the mail pieces, and willing to take the mail to an authorized USPS mail acceptance office.

The rules and procedures for obtaining postage discounts are varied and complex. So unless you are willing to commit time and energy to the mailing needs of your business or organization, our first recommendation would be to contact one of the many professional mailing services members of the National Association Presort Mailers (NAPM) and have a conversation with them. Our member Mail Service Providers have expert customer service teams that will listen to what your business' mailing or communications needs are and offer a variety of options to achieve them. They will provide you with the simplest, convenient, and most effective way to meet your mailing needs while enjoying reduced postage costs.
However, if you are a do-it-yourselfer, or your company/organization wants to do their own mailings or if you are looking to get into the mailing service supplier business, then we'll try and provide you the basics you need to know to learn more. If you've deciding to do your bulk mailings in-house or are getting into the mailing business, you may find that you need mailing equipment or software to realize the best discounts. In this case we recommend that you contact one of our professional Vendor Service Provider members who will listen to you, analyze your needs, and supply you with the best options to accomplishing your mailing objectives.
 If you need assistance in deciding what option, in-house or supplier, might best suit your needs please see our sections on Outsourcing vs In-House Mailing. Whichever mailling option you choose – the NAPM is your choice for staying on top of your mailing and postage bottom line.

NAPM for Your Business

The NAPM is a nonprofit trade association of firms concerned with postal worksharing programs, especially discounts for presorted, automated mail. We offer our members a variety of services that benefit their businesses that subsequently benefits yours. Our services include but are not limited to: Advocacy, Information and Education, Industry Networking, and Solutions & Support. Please go to our About NAPM section to see how we are a great business decision you can make regarding your business mailing needs.