NAPM Committees

There are certain functions and services that the association, acting in concert with its membership, can perform – but to be successful in its efforts, the NAPM requires the support and involvement of its members. It needs the collective thinking of all concerned to formulate plans, and it requires the physical effort of its membership to put those plans into operation. This is our true differentiator, the NAPM doesn't want to make decisions and representations based on what we "think” is best for you, but what "we collectively” think is best for not only your business but everyone using mail as an important part of their business. We don't do things for you; we do things with you (with your support, expertise, cooperation, etc.), together we do things to protect your business interest and improve the mailing industry.

The NAPM does this through a variety of ways; we hold regularly scheduled member meetings where we can share our thoughts and ideas and we also form committees to address ongoing business needs or take on and resolve short-term business problems.

Why Participate on a Committee?

Serving on a committee is a great way to give something to the association and the industry, as well as benefit your own company. It also is a good way to increase your own network within the association and industry.  Having a diverse group of members participate on our committees helps by:

  • Providing NAPM with greater insight and perspective on how issues impact all types of members. Each member may bring a unique set of experiences and work environment that support development of better outcomes.
  • Having more members involved in our committee work lightens the load for all. When there are not enough volunteers, those who do participate can become overwhelmed with too many tasks. Sharing these tasks among more participants means each takes on only those tasks they can support, which is better for the individuals and for the association.
  • Participating on NAPM committees helps individuals professionally develop, expand their professional network through new/improved business relationships, and increase visibility within the industry for themselves and their company.
  • Having more members participate on committees allows the NAPM to accomplish more work, which benefits all members of the association. We often have a long list of postal improvements/changes we would like to move forward, or issues we need to provide information around, but if there are not enough committee participants, some initiatives on the list must be moved down in priority and may never get the attention they need.

There is a role for any member on NAPM committees, some requiring very little of their time, others requiring more. NAPM members interested in participating on one of the below committees should contact the committee chair.  

NAPM Active Committees

Standing Committees

The Board of Directors has several standing committees: MembershipStrategic Planning, and Annual Conference. These committees hold regular meetings that are chaired by Board of Director members.  Within some of these standing committees, there are sub-committees formed to tackle specific topics of importance to NAPM members.

Annual Conference Committee

Committee Sponsor:

Andy Phillips, The Phillips Group

Ph: 763-227-2002

email: [email protected]


Committee Chair: 

Lora Patton

Engineering Innovation Inc. (EII)

email:  [email protected]


The Annual Conference committee is a standing committee of the Board for the planning and execution of the NAPM Annual Membership Meeting to be held each year. The annual meeting is required by NAPM bylaws for the express purpose of holding an annual business meeting with the members of the NAPM. Since this is a large multi-day event hosted in various parts of the country, there is a lot of effort required to accomplish the event. The committee starts planning meetings in late summer and the meeting frequency and intensity increases through the fall and winter until the event date. Activities include everything from property selection to meeting theme, format, and event planning, to notification and registrations.


Membership Committee

Committee Sponsor:  

Jamie Freeman, TC Delivers

Ph: 407-855-8262

e-mail: [email protected]


Committee Chair


The Membership committee is a standing committee of the Board for the management of the NAPM membership business functions. The committee is responsible for membership acquisition and retention and providing our members with assistance regarding their membership benefits, standing, or concerns. The committee is responsible for the development and management of membership definition, dues and services pricing, member services, service/offering development, and designed to provide a channel of communication among members of the association regarding regulation, policies, plans and actions of the association.

Strategic Planning Committee

Committee Sponsor:

Steve Krejcik, PB Presort Services

Ph: 708-485-4764

e-mail: [email protected]


Committee Chair: 

Sean Gebbie, Midwest Direct

Ph:  216-472-4908

email:  [email protected]

The Strategic Planning committee is a standing committee of the Board for the management of industry and Postal changes that can impact member (our industry segment) business interests and the development new or innovative business models to further the role of presort mail service providers in the supply chain. As a general principle the committee is focused on pursuing efforts that increase the potential market share of service providers and create more workshare discount opportunity while minimizing the costs to the mailer to address Postal Service requirement changes. The committee heads up and coordinates efforts to respond to Postal Federal Register notices and Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) sessions and establishes ad-hoc sub-committees to focus on business developments in the interests of our industry segment. One major objective of the committee is to work with USPS to help them understand the role the service providers provide in the supply chain and develop initiatives with the USPS to create new services and revenue streams for our industry segment.

Sub-Committees of the Strategic Planning Committee

The NAPM also creates ad-hoc sub-committees to perform activities in the interest of the NAPM membership. These sub-committees generally have shorter terms and specific objectives that are usually focused on solving specific business needs of our industry segment. In some cases, especially when the Postal Service has long term efforts like Seamless Acceptance going on, the NAPM will form a committee to stay engaged with the effort to ensure our interests are represented and protected.

Streamlined Acceptance Committee

Committee Chair: 

Jonathan Clark, JLS Mailing Services

Ph:  508-313-1001

email:  [email protected]

The Streamlined Acceptance committee was established as standing committee of the Board for the purpose of representing our industry segment needs and managing the potential impacts to our industry and members related to Seamless Acceptance and other streamlined USPS verification/acceptance initiatives. It is expected that the development and implementation of this new business mailing acceptance and verification process to take several years and so to insure continuity of managing this effort the Board created this special standing committee. This committee engages in the various USPS and MTAC workgroups and finds members willing to participate in USPS requested pilot efforts for functions developed by the Postal Service. The committee evaluates changes proposed by the Postal Service, both from a business process and technical implementation perspective and makes recommendations or influences changes necessary to minimizing the impacts to the mailer. 

MLOCR Commingled Mailing/Workshare Committee

Committee Chair:  

Rich Gebbie, Mid-West Presort Mailing Services

Ph: 216-251-2500

e-mail: [email protected]

This committee works on all effort to improve the MLOCR commingle mail processes, including new products/services such as VAR for FCM Flats, USPS Marketing Mail Flats, Metered FCM Single Piece VAR, and initiatives associated with “commingling” operations. Also oversees efforts guiding the association activities related to workshare discounts, new workshare initiatives, communicating the value of workshare, and other issues related to workshare.

Parcels Committee

Committee Sponsor:  

Don Caddy, Engineering Innovation Inc.

Ph: 765-807-0699

e-mail: [email protected]

Committee Chair:  


With ecommerce projections reflecting significant continued growth for the next 5 years and beyond, NAPM has identified parcels as a business growth opportunity area for MSPs and vendors. In order to best determine how our members can participate in this growing market we are setting up a Parcel Committee. The committee will work on NAPM efforts related to processing of parcels – both Market Dominant and Competitive Services parcels. The committee is tasked with providing NAPM members with education/information around parcels, working closely with appropriate USPS and MTAC groups on parcel preparation/entry rules and new initiatives, and communicating to the USPS around NAPM member needs and impacts of parcel-related changes on members.