Introducing New  NAPM Services

Check out NAPM's new YouTube Training site, where you can find free training videos to help educate your employees on topics like Navigating the Business Customer Gateway (BCG), Accessing the Mailer Scorecard, CRID/MID, and much more (new videos being added regularly!).  We will be adding more videos in the future that will be offered ONLY to NAPM members for free!  Another great benefit of NAPM membership...


 Check out NAPM's Scorecard/Seamless Basic ServiceFree to NAPM members (limit twice per calendar year per member company), this service is designed with the USPS Seamless Acceptance program in mind.   Through the Basic service, NAPM will perform an analysis of your USPS Mailer Scorecard, to include an evaluation of Full Service, Move Update, Seamless and Undocumented tabs and data on the Scorecard.  The data analysis period will include Current Month in process and previous full calendar month.  NAPM will then schedule a one-hour training call with your employee(s) to review the data and guide them through how to review the Scorecard, access reports, etc.

To take advantage of the new Scorecard/Seamless Basic Service, complete this form and we will contact you ASAP to start the process!


Need Support Beyond the Basic Scorecard/Seamless service?  Check out NAPM's Level 2 Scorecard/Seamless Service!  Included in the Level 2 service are a detailed analysis of your USPS Mailer Scorecard data, including Error Analysis of Full-Service, Move Update, Undocumented Mail, and Seamless Acceptance as needed.  The service also includes a 1-2 hour conference call to review your USPS Mailer Scorecard data, errors, etc.  NAPM will provide additional recommendations on how to address mailer scorecard errors and supply members with current NAPM best practice information for areas of concern.  Upon completion of Level 2 Mailer Scorecard Analysis NAPM can provide recommendations for additional Mailer Scorecard Data assistance as required. 

The fee for the Level 2 service is $299 for NAPM members.   To sign up for this new Level 2 service, complete this form and NAPM will contact you for next steps.


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